We don’t do miracles, but sometimes we come pretty close...

A unique and tailor made myo- and biofeedback approach for people with neurological difficulties

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Functional Myofeedback Therapy (FMT)

We aim at providing a better quality of life by increasing functionality. Our ability may not necessarily make miracles happen but we end up pretty close. FMT stand for Functional Myofeedback Therapy and helps those who lost or never had basic physical functions. These include, such as walking, sitting, standing or fine motorical difficulties (drinking, eating, playing an instrument, etc.).


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Animal Assisted Therapy

Why do we work with dogs?
Dogs bring a lot of extra motivation during our therapy sessions. They add fun, they either sooth or activate our clients and one of the most important added values is that it’s scientifically proven that dogs increase the production of the hormone oxytocin.