What is Functional Myofeedback Therapy?

Bio- and Myofeedback are very helpful approaches used to enhance the functionality of the neurological state. In the present time, smartwatches, phones and other devices help us to keep track of pulse, how many steps we walk and a lot more. What are the alternatives if any of these functions are not working properly?

Functional Myofeedback Therapy (FMT) helps children and adults who lost or never had certain functions. If you are experiencing these or similar problems, a family member, a person close to you or a friend, might have lost or never had a basic physical ability like walking, sitting, running, speaking, standing or finer motorical difficulties (drinking, eating, playing an instrument, etc.) FMT might be the right approach to work on getting them back.

We respect that everyone has his own pace, individual needs and goals. Therefore, it’s essential that every participant gets his or her own specific plan depending on the goal setting and abilities.
After the therapy plan is made, we work for 1-3 hours combining various therapy approaches (Physical therapy, Manual therapy, Bobath, PNF, Sensoric Integration, psychomotorical therapy, elements of occupational therapy, AAT- animal assisted therapy, elements of speech therapy and many more).

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